The group IN THE ABYSS was formed from the NECROCHRIST project at the beginning of 2000, consisting of Honza Burian (drums), Pepa Eršek (guitar + vocals) and Lukáš Holzel (bass). Shortly after that, Saša Čedíková (vocals + keyboards) joins. From the beginning, the band gravitates towards a mix of death and black metal with distinctive melodies and female vocals. In July of the same year, the band records its first, zero, nameless demo, of which 30 copies were sold/distributed.

Subsequently, the singer Saša leaves, and by the end of the year the band manages to play its first concert together with IDEA OF MY VISION and BLASPHEMER. In December, Jana Bílá briefly appeared in the band (vocals + keyboards), and Soňa Matějková subsequently took her place. During 2002, the band undergoes a line-up change. Míra Růzha from IDEA OF MY VISION is coming as the keyboardist and Pepa Eršek is leaving the band, who anchored in BLASPHEMER . The previous bassist Lukáš Holzel thus becomes the guitarist, and the post of bassist is taken by Zdeněk Zeman. Petr "Dimmu" Dvořák fills the position of the main male voice, and the second male voice belongs to Mír Růzh. In this setup, the band plays several concerts together with BLASPHEMER, AGGRESSIVE TYRANS, ORANT, PERVERSIST and others.

In the fall of 2004, the band goes through another round of line-up changes. Michal Barhoň joins (second guitar) and Soňa Matějková leaves, followed by Lukáš Holzel. Míra Růzh takes the position of guitarist, and the gifted keyboardist Honza Dvořák takes over the keyboards, bringing with him elements of symphonic metal. Subsequently, however, Petr Dvořák also leaves and Míra Růzh takes over the lead vocals. Several concerts in this line-up follow, but it doesn't take long and bassist Zdeněk Zeman leaves and Lukáš Holzel returns on bass. The singer Karin Hladová also appeared in the band for a short time, but left after a year.

In this line-up, the band continued its activities until January 2009, when Michal Barhoň, Honza Dvořák and Lukáš Holzel left the band. The band thus remains in a significantly reduced line-up of Míra Růzh (guitar, vocals, samples) and Honza Burian (drums). Stylistically, the band returns to melodic death/doom metal and creates their first cover of HYPOCRISA's Fire In the Sky. After playing two concerts, the guitarist Standa Štemberk appears in the fall of 2009, bringing elements of thrash metal and melodic solos. At the end of 2010, Michal Barhoň returns, this time as bass player. In this lineup, the band records and releases its first demo CD – THE TEARS OF EARTH. Over the following years, the band worked on an album THE PROMETHEAN PRINCIPLE and at the same time releases his first single THE WORM'S HOLE in 2017.


The Tears of the Earth
The Worm's hole
The Promethean Principle
The Pathway Amongst the Bloody Ruins